AMA-AUTOMATION your Partner when Spare Parts or specific Solutions are needed.

AMA-AUTOMATION is the Automation sector of the AMA-GROUP with a focus on Control Technology and Process Measuring.

In this context, we do not only care for customers in the manufacturing industry and in the machine- and plant-manufacturing area but also for wholesaling companies and for customers of the automotive industry. We at AMA-AUTOMATION are offering high-quality Hardware and Software products for various industry sectors - produced by some of the world’s most famous manufacturers.


We stand for quality, as our internationally renowned partners:


DirectSOFT6® - DirectLOGIC PLC Programming Software

DirectSOFT6 programs the entire DirectLOGIC family

PC-DSOFT6 is our DirectLOGIC PLC programming package, with a host of features that make it easier to program your PLC.

It supports full-featured 32-bit Windows-based programming for all six DirectLOGIC PLC families, including all DL05s, DL06s, DL105s, DL205 CPUs, DL305 CPUs, DL405 CPUs, and most of their Koyo cousins.

The software supports a wide array of on-line/off-line programming and documentation features.