BRX Series PLC (Stackable Micro Brick)


The BRX PLC platform incorporates many features that are perfect for a variety of applications. Whether you need ASCII communication for your barcode scanners, or 24VAC and pulse width modulation for your building controls, the BRX family of affordable PLCs has got you covered.

The BRX platform is a versatile stackable Micro PLC system that combines powerful features in a compact, stand-alone footprint.

  • Four Micro PLC Unit (MPU) form factor combinations are available (3 with built-in I/O) to provide strong system designs that fit application requirements exactly.
  • The BRX platform is designed to be used as a stand-alone controller or can be expanded using a wide variety of expansion modules.
  • The expansion modules easily snap onto the side of any BRX Micro PLC Unit (MPU).

BRX Micro PLC Features

  •  Data Logging Built-In
  • Motion Control Included
  • On-board Serial/Ethernet Communication
  • Integrated Discrete, High-speed and Analog I/O
  • Interchangeable Communication Ports
  • Free Programming Software with Simulator
  • Free Technical Support
  • User manual is a free download Coupon
  • For free online video training included with every MPU


 BRX Series data sheet