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Control relays

The measurement and control relays are dedicated to monitoring and detecting abnormal electrical (voltage, current, phase, frequency) or physical (level, temperature, speed, etc.) operating values.

These products are used in applications such as heating/air conditioning, access control, heat pumps, water and air treatment, waste treatment, lifting and handling, medical equipment and pump management, etc.

Phase control

  • EWS / EWS2 phase sequence and loss of phase
  • C-Lynx - Single function phase control relay, 17.5 mm
  • C-Lynx - Multi-function phase control relay, 17.5 mm
  • C-Lynx - Multi-function phase control relay, 35 mm
  • C-Lynx - 3-phase voltage control relay - 17.5 mm/35 mm

Frequency control

  • C-Lynx - Frequency control relay, 35 mm

Level control

  • ENR filling or emptying function
  • ENRM filling or emptying with adjustable time delay
  • LN plug-in emptying function
  • L2N plug-in filling/emptying function
  • FN filling or emptying with alarm
  • C-Lynx - Level control relay, 17.5 mm
  • C-Lynx - Level control relay, 35 mm

Defrost relay for air conditioning and industrial refrigeration

  • NFR

Motor control

  • ETM / ETM2 / ETM22 motor thermal protection

Voltage control

  • EUL/EUH AC/DC voltage control
  • C-Lynx - Voltage control relay, 17.5 mm
  • C-Lynx - Multi-function voltage control relay, 35 mm

Speed control

  • C-Lynx - Speed control relay, 35 mm

Pump control

  • C-Lynx - 3-phase and single phase pump control relay, 35 mm

Current control

  • C-Lynx - Single function current control relay
    with current transformer, 17.5 mm
  • C-Lynx - Multi-function current control relay, 35 mm

Temperature control in lifts according to EN81

  • C-Lynx - Temperature control relay for lift service rooms, 35 mm

Phase and temperature control

  • C-Lynx - Motor phase and temperature control relay, 35 mm


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