SISCO, Inc. Michigan, USA

SISCO, Inc. is a privately held company founded in 1983 and based in Michigan, USA with resellers and OEM partners throughout the globe. SISCO was originally founded with a focus on applying modern computer technology in industrial automation. SISCO has soon became involved in international communication standards and developed products to enable the implementation of standard-based systems. Since then, SISCO has established itself as world leader in providing cost-effective standard-based communication and integration solutions.

Today, SISCO software is used in a wide variety of industries from electrical power transmission, distribution and generation systems to manufacturing and postal automation equipment. SISCO serves both end users and OEMs. SISCO’s proven track record of working effectively with OEMs and integrators has always been key to the success of standard-based solutions in the industries we serve. SISCO’s ability to cooperate with OEMs in non-competitive ways has allowed us to become the world-wide leader in providing software that glues the many large multi-national power system data-exchange networks that are built today. Working with SISCO allows our OEM and integrator partners to provide enhanced capabilites to their customers at a lower total cost of ownership and with lower technical risk. End users working with SISCO may always be assured that they have chosen a reliable supplier they can count on and who works efficiently with all other suppliers to deliver a working and adequate solution.  


  • Development tool-kits to enable lower development costs and reduced technical risks for OEMs and application developers 
  • Protocol source code for international communications standards: 

    • Substation automation per IEC 61850  
    • Inter-control Center Communications Protocol (ICCP) per IEC60870-6 TASE.2 
    • Manufacturing Message Specification (MMS) per ISO9506 

  • Utility Integration Bus (UIB) for integrating operations applications using mainstream middleware based on IEC 61970, IEC 61968, and OPC Foundation standards 
  • Application Connectors for UIB 
  • Application Development 
  • Implementation Consulting
Ralph Mackiewicz, Vice president SISCO
Ralph Mackiewicz

Ralph Mackiewicz is Vice President of Business Development for SISCO, located in Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA. SISCO is a global supplier of standard-based solutions implementing the IEC 61850 substation automation protocol and other IEC standards. Ralph holds an engineering degree in electrical engineering from Michigan Technological University and has been an active participant in several standards activities. He has presented IEC 61850 seminars and papers at events all over the world including events sponsored by IEEE, CIGRÉ, Pennwell, EPRI, CIM Users Group, UCA International Users Group, and today KOEMA. Ralph holds two patents, is a member of IEEE and CIGRÉ, and is currently the chair of the UCA International Users Group Marketing Oversight Subcommittee.